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About the Workshop

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This interdisciplinary workshop is broadly anchored in five themes:

  1. How do African institutions, ideas, and processes shape the historical production, consumption, and preservation of media from the late 16th century to the present?
  2. How are reading publics and cultures built, shaped, and sustained by media including ‘new media’? How have media changed over time and how have various forms of media influenced one another?
  3. What is the relationship between media and power? How do production and circulation shape various cultures, broadly defined, across African history?
  4. How might we explore the impact of media from Africa into the World? How can various forms of media from Africa fully contribute to the creation of black/Black archives on a global scale? How can we study the circulation of African-based and black/Black press into spaces not delineated by borders and across the diaspora?
  5. How can we retheorize the positionalities, contributions, and embodied knowledges of girls, mothers, grandmothers, queens, spiritualists, diviners, market-women, gender, and sexuality evinced through media? How might we more closely examine their contributions to the production of political, social, intellectual, economic, and affective knowledges and cultures through media?

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